We are the Freedom of Choice.

We exist so you can choose.

Choose if, and where, your hair will grow.

Choose what best suits who you are today.

And, above all, have the freedom to choose to show what you want.

We are for everyone, we are for you.

We are Laser Fast.

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Find out everything about Laser hair removal

Laser Fast hair removal is the permanent solution to retire archaic hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving.

This is largely due to the fact that laser hair removal provides permanent results and is cheaper than maintaining a lifelong waxing routine.

Plus, there's no need for recovery time after a treatment - so no more waxing or fighting against razor cuts.

Our treatments are safe and all our procedures are carried out by specialized professionals.

We use laser devices approved by FDA that are adapted to your specific skin type and hair color.

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Why Laser Fast?

Candela PRO

The Candela PRO is the last generation of laser hair removal equipment, with a new cooling system to a more comfortable treatment and efficient in all skin phototypes.


The method works progressively in up to 10 sessions, ensuring permanent hair removal without the risk of having stained skin.

It's not photoepilation

Photoepilation only weakens the hair root. Our treatment uses pure light, which reaches the roots and kills the hair permanently.

At Laser Fast you will find treatments for all areas of your body. There are more than 30 areas covered in our clinic with high quality and effective equipment, capable of carrying out painless treatment.

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Treatment #1

Laser hair removal is the #1 aesthetic treatment among non-invasive aesthetic procedures. So what's involved in it?

Simply put, after your initial appointment, we'll help you decide between a carefully developed ten-session plan for permanent hair reduction.

Our experts, operating small handheld equipment, will then begin the laser treatment; a small beam of light does all the hard work, so you don't have to do anything but relax.

Each laser pulse lasts less than a second and can cause a tingling sensation. Your sessions last a few minutes, depending on the area chosen.

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Júlia Almeida
“Excellent place, attentive people and the laser doesn't hurt too much! I recommend it to everyone!”
Cleide Felix
“I had 10 sessions done, it’s really worth it. Thank you Laser Fast. I highly recommend it, top service.”
Jefferson Silva
“I’m enjoying it, two sessions and I can already see results.”

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The first one inclusive for all skin types!

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